Isle of Draiocht

Seeped in Celtic lore and elemental magic, the Isle of Draiocht is in the midst of one ofthe most important elections in the country’s history. Residents want change and they will vote almost anyone in as Archmag to get it. Cullough, leader of Isle Co., the Isle’s military, is up against a strong incumbent council, the Mandros, whom have been leading the Isle for centuries. Cullough is drastic and will do anything to make sure she takes office. Lives of humans and creatures alike are threatened if a new Archmag takes leadership.


Before Zane Docherty was tried and acquitted for murdering his military Sargent, he was one of the most promising privates in his unit on the Isle of Draiocht. Burdened with the heavy heart of losing a friend, he flees to America to take time to himself and get out of the spotlight. To make ends meet he takes a job as a bartender, which ultimately leads to meeting Iris Caley.

Iris Caley is on a quest to find out the origins of her ancestors. With her mother passing a few years ago, researching her family history is the only way she can feel close to her. She thinks a trip to Scotland with her genealogy group will be the final key to finding information she’s been missing; however, things go awry when she’s transported to another world–The Isle of Draiocht. There, she’s pulled into the mystery surrounding Zane’s Sargent’s death and figuring out the Isle of Draiocht, which may still hold her family secrets.

Together, Zane embark on unraveling the mystery Sargent Stoer left–a list of four people. Who are those people and was the secret they hold worth the death of a Isle Co. Sargent?Join Iris and Zane as they embark on a rabbit hole of military mystery and intrigue–it goes deeper than you think.