Greetings, my name is Amy Thompson and I am a writer.

I wish I had a cute story about knowing I wanted to be a writer since I was a child, like writing journal entries and fan fic since my teenage years, but honestly that’s not the truth. I, like a lot of kids, spent my childhood playing sports and being a member of my 4-H Club.

One thing I was obsessed with, however, was reading, I read anything I could get my paws on. Fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, etc. From there I developed a love for writing which is the first step in becoming a writer. See handy comic below from Grant Snider.

EPSON MFP imageCollege came around and I, like a lot of kids, went with a major that didn’t suit me at all—entomology. You can probably surmise that I didn’t last long there, and switched to journalism after one year. That was when my writing career began, but it wasn’t flowery creative writing; it was succinct, get-to-the-point writing. I wrote feature pieces for the college newspaper for extra drinking money and used those skills to parlay into a communications career.

I’ve lived in Washington DC, Iowa, and Minnesota trying to find out where I fit in. Once I did, I decided it was time to turn all of my far-fetched ideas into something. That brings me to today, this moment. Writing this website article.

Crafting my ideas into something brings me joy and fulfillment. I love being able to have a blank page in front of me and the ability to completely craft an anecdote from figments of your imagination. No matter how obscure, you can put it to the paper without judgement.

Currently, I am working on two projects simultaneously, The Isle and Wicked Webs. The Isle is mystery-fantasy built to be a series. I started writing that because I wanted a dark magic novel. I set out to create a world more fascinating and intricate than the one we live in. Not, cute magic, but gritty, dark, unmentionable magic.

My second project is a thriller about a serial rapist, based off of this legal case. Also, another dark, twisty who dunnit type of deal.

Questions, comments, want to grab a beer? Contact me at amy@amyrthompson.com.