What’s Making Me Happy 1.2

This week’s addition of whats making me happy:

  • K. Flay

The music K. Flay creates is dark and grungy. “Blood in the Cut” and “High Enough” are two tracks that I adore, which also happen to be perfect shower music. Her voice is totally unique. Several of her songs I have on my novel playlists. They remind me of badass women!

How I get my news every day. One concise, condensed newsletter delivered to my inbox every morning. I can skim it quickly and be up to date. The content is witty and informative. Also, theSkimm was created and founded by two women which I’m down with.

  • Parks and Recreation

Never have I ever… watched Parks & Rec. It’s hilarious and the actors are very talented, but I don’t think its better than The Office or Brooklyn 99. However, it’s still making me happy this week! Amy Poehler’s writing is fantastic and delivers perfect one-liners. The cast is magical and overall it’s just a fun show.

What’s making you happy this week?



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